Why I won’t be attending the trial of Ronin author of ‘The World of Ronins’

The trial of Australian author Ronin Ronsin has been postponed until next year, after his wife, Susan, was charged with conspiracy and other offences in connection with his controversial work.

Susan Ronsins trial was due to start on March 20, but was delayed due to the death of her husband, Ronin, a former Queensland State University teacher and author.

The trial was delayed to March 27 due to Mr Ronsis health and the death.

A judge on Wednesday also granted an application to dismiss the charges against Mr Rainsons son, who is not a party to the proceedings.

The case has been adjourned until next spring.

The charges against the Ronsilsons son included conspiracy to defraud the Commonwealth, conspiring to commit an indictable offence and an offence of uttering a forged document.

Mr Ronesons wife, who has not yet been charged, had earlier been charged with two offences relating to an article in the New York Times which alleged a relationship with Ronin in 2003.

Mr Ronin was convicted in 2012 in Queensland of conspiracy to commit perjury, a crime he denies.

The Ronsills have not yet spoken to the media.

The Australian Federal Police said it was aware of the postponement of the trial and was working with Mr Rone’s lawyers.

The NSW Police said there were no arrests made in relation to the case.

It was the second time the Ronesins had been charged in connection to the Ronin saga.

In December 2014, Ronins lawyers, in a joint application to the court, accused the police of misleading the court about the circumstances of the alleged relationship.

In that case, a witness who had spoken to Ronin after he was arrested said he told them he had left the couple because they were “getting too much trouble”.

“It was not a relationship of any kind,” the witness told the court.

“He was not in a relationship at that time.”

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