Which BMG suit is your lawyer working on?

The case of a high-profile celebrity who lost $1.5m in a Zantac lawsuit has been re-opened in the US.

In January, a jury awarded Zantacs lawyers $1,958,000 after they lost a $1bn (£873m) claim brought by the pop star’s former label, Def Jam.

It is now a class action suit in which more than 6,000 individuals have agreed to settle with the former labels, which were hit with an avalanche of claims over the course of the years.

A new settlement is expected to be announced soon.

The case has caused a stir because Zantaclabs co-founder James “Pete” Miller died last year.

It has been said the settlement would help Zantaraclabs avoid having to go to court again and was designed to prevent the loss of the remaining money.

Zantaclbs lawyers have insisted that Miller had been treated fairly by his former label and that they had made every reasonable effort to reach an agreement.ZANTACS PROPOSAL FOR ANOTHER BMG WARBAND?

Zantac has always maintained it had an unfair contract with the pop singer, but has also accused the former label of exploiting Miller to get money for the company.

The US government has been looking into the case and has also said it will launch an investigation into whether Zantacybms contract was fair.

Last year, the singer’s management team suggested it was a possibility, but the Zantace lawsuit was dismissed in September.

Zanthaclabs lawyer Michael Krasnick has said he is seeking a court order to compel Zantatics lawyers to come up with an alternative strategy.

Miller’s estate has also been asked to explain why he died, and what steps it took to protect the singer from further legal action.

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