How To Be More Like Your Dad

As the new year approaches, it’s time to step back and reflect on what it’s like to be the father of a child with cerebral palsy.

That means, first, making sure that you know what you need to do to help your child with their cerebral palsiness. 

In fact, a lot of us don’t. 

So let’s break down the things that will help your family with your child’s disability, including what you should and shouldn’t ask for, and what you shouldn’t.1.

Ask them questions They may have an intellectual disability, but many of us still don’t know the full scope of what it means to have cerebral palsies.

That’s why the disability community has been so important to our family. 

Many of us are aware of the disability landscape and the many ways that disability is manifested in our lives, and we can be proactive in helping our children get the help they need. 

It may be helpful to ask:1.

Do you have any medical conditions that would prevent you from doing your job?2.

Are you working from home?3.

Are your parents able to work from home or are you not able to?4.

What are your limitations?5.

What can your parents help you do?6.

Do your parents have any insurance?7.

Is there a specific caregiver you could use to assist you?8.

Is your parent living with a disability or is he/she self-employed?9.

How long have you been with the disability?10.

What is the disability level?11.

Is it a disability level that is expected of you?12.

Is the disability affecting your ability to work?13.

Is this your first time with cerebral problems?14.

Is cerebral palsys affect your job performance?15.

Do they affect your ability or ability to do other work?16.

Is you a single parent?17.

Do their disabilities affect their ability to raise children?18.

What do you think your future may hold for your family?19.

Are there any other disability related issues that you would like to discuss with them?20.

Are they able to find an interpreter?21.

Are the other caregivers available to provide support?22.

What kind of help do you need?23.

Are we close to the time when they need to move into a permanent home?24.

How do you plan to help them move?25.

Do these children have an educational plan?26.

What type of support is available?27.

Are children in day care available?28.

How much time are you spending with the children?29.

How are the children spending their free time?30.

Is each of the children living in a home with other adults?31.

Do the children have regular family gatherings?32.

How many times a day are they together?33.

Are any of the kids in school?34.

Are these children attending school?35.

How did they get to the school?36.

Are each child receiving enough support?37.

What types of support are available?38.

Do children have the right to attend a school outside the community?39.

Is they receiving any special services?40.

Do any of these children need additional supports?41.

Are those services being provided at your expense?42.

Are all of the other children receiving any other special services from you?43.

Are siblings receiving any of their own special services as well?44.

What about special needs education?45.

How will the children receive special services during their stay at the home?46.

How is the home meeting process working?47.

How often do you provide therapy?48.

Do each of these services meet the requirements of the state’s Child and Family Services (CFSS) program?49.

What services are being provided for these children?50.

How close are they to having the services they need?51.

How can I help them?52.

How soon do you expect to move them into a new home?53.

Do I have to make an appointment to make this adjustment?54.

How am I helping them with this adjustment, and how long will it take?55.

How far along are they in meeting the requirements for the CFSS program?56.

How quickly is it moving through the CFss application process?57.

Are I helping with the application process and how will I help?58.

Is my job taking up most of my time?59.

Is everything working as expected?60.

Is every person being supportive of the adjustment?61.

What does the family need to be prepared for?62.

How does the work in my job compare to other people’s?63.

How should I deal with this situation?64.

Do my coworkers know about my disability?65.

Do people outside of the family know about the disability or have questions about it?66. Do other

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