Why the FBI isn’t suing real estate lawyer over a lawsuit that could affect the home depot

It was one of the first big questions when the federal government sued the home-improvement retailer Home Depot in 2015.

But now, the FBI is suing realtor John Stitt for his part in a home-depot lawsuit that would potentially affect the retail giant.

The FBI wants to make it clear that Stitt is not a whistleblower, but that he violated the False Claims Act.

He is a defendant in the suit, which stems from a 2014 complaint filed by the FBI alleging that Stit, a realtor with Stitt Real Estate Services, “falsely and maliciously” told a Home Depot employee that a home he was working on was being marketed to buyers as being a suitable investment for “buyers who are looking for homes for their families and want to have the best possible home.”

The real estate firm, however, says it is not interested in selling the home, and Stitt, who was not a Home Owner’s Association agent, never sold it to a buyer.

Instead, the real estate agent, who did not respond to requests for comment, sent a copy of the buyer’s mortgage document to the FBI, which it then filed a false claim claim against Stitt in the case.

Stitt then hired an attorney, who is also an attorney at the FBI’s office in Detroit, to investigate the complaint, according to a copy obtained by The Washington Post.

Stitt and the FBI were not immediately available for comment.

Stit, who represented the Home Depot case, said in a statement that he “never sold a HomeDepot home.”

The real estate agency that bought the home from Stitt did not return a request for comment Friday.

Stitch was also the lead attorney for the case against a HomeMax executive, who allegedly tried to sell the home without a mortgage to a HomeOwner’s Association.

The case is pending.

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