How to get your own legal opinion

A company is suing a former partner for $10 million over a decision to pay him less than what the couple agreed to in a legal agreement.

Key points: The legal case centres on a decision made by a former employee to terminate a relationship with the former partnerThe former partner was working on a project for the company’s IT departmentThe court case alleges the former employee did not make any effort to provide reasonable adviceThe case was originally brought in Queensland in 2009 by a businesswoman who was working for the IT company.

Ms Leppert claims she was asked to provide the former colleague with a legal opinion about whether he should be paid a higher salary.

The IT professional was working in the office of the businesswoman’s former partner and asked for her opinion on whether or not she should be compensated more than the couple had agreed.

The couple agreed and were on a business trip together.

The employee was working at the IT department and asked to review Ms Leppart’s report on the case.

She said the IT manager told her she would be paid $4,000 more than what they agreed.

But Ms Leippert said the employee did everything in his power to provide a reasonable advice on whether the matter should be settled.

“It was quite clear that he did not do any of that,” she said.

“He just asked for the legal opinion and I gave him the legal advice.”

That was the way that I was asked.

“The IT manager asked her to provide him with a written statement that he had provided a written opinion about the matter.”

I did provide that document to him and I wrote that document,” Ms Leepert said.’

I was pretty much a slave’The IT officer said the company did not have to pay her any more than they agreed and did not need to provide any advice about what to do.”

The only thing that the IT employee had to do was provide me with the legal document that he’d provided to me,” Ms Lippert told ABC News.”

If he had not provided that document, then he would not have been able to provide me a legal report and the company would have been liable for that.

“As a legal professional, I’m pretty much just a slave to the company.”

The company is now considering a complaint against the IT officer and Ms Leperet.


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