How a new legal funding model is changing legal aid in the US

Woodsford and other plaintiffs have been trying to collect tens of millions of dollars from the government to pay lawyers to fight their cases.

This new funding model, called the Qui Tam litigation fund, is supposed to cover the cost of lawyers who represent the families of victims.

However, the program has been criticized by lawyers and advocacy groups, and is facing legal challenges from the Trump administration, as well as from Republican lawmakers.

Now, as part of a $5.5 billion settlement announced Tuesday, the Justice Department will drop its lawsuits against Woodsford.

The new funding will also allow Woodsford to pay legal fees and expenses incurred in the litigation, and will also give Woodsford more flexibility to hire new attorneys.

The Qui Tams and Woodsford have sued the government for more than $4.5 million in compensation for the wrongful death of their son, Christopher, in 2005.

That lawsuit was filed in 2016, and Woodsfield won a preliminary injunction against the government in February of this year, according to The Associated Press.

The government is now expected to drop its suit against Woodsfield, which had been the subject of an ongoing trial in the case.

The settlement comes just a week after the Trump White House and Attorney General Jeff Sessions called for an end to “ongoing litigation” against Woodsfords family, as the AP reported.

In addition to the lawsuit, Woodsford has also sued the Trump National Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, over a $20 million hole-in-one tournament Woodsford hosted last month.

In March, Woodsford’s father, Kenneth Woodsford, was arrested for his role in the murder of a woman in Westchester County, New York, who Woodsford believed had been kidnapped and murdered, according the AP.

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