How to sue Alpharetta, the Atlanta school district

The Atlanta School District is facing a class action lawsuit, which claims it misused a district grant and the Georgia Department of Education to settle a $1.5 million civil case.

The suit was filed in Fulton County Circuit Court and was brought by two attorneys who worked with the school district to settle the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that the district did not properly investigate whether or not the district had misused grant funds for private school scholarships.

The school district was ordered to pay $1,500 to a family of five who received a scholarship.

The plaintiffs, from the Southern Poverty Law Center, said that the family, who had attended a private school in Atlanta, had to be relocated to Georgia because the school system refused to give the family an “opt-out” policy that would have allowed them to attend another school without having to pay tuition.

The family said they received a letter from the district stating that the school did not have an opt-out policy.

The letter said the family was eligible for $1 million in scholarships, which the school paid for by offering to accept applications from other applicants.

The district is facing more than $300,000 in legal costs and was ordered by Fulton County Judge J. Scott Anderson to pay the family $600,000.

The families lawsuit claims that the award was not based on merit, and is being made to make up for the family’s loss of their private school tuition.

This is the second time in a week that the Atlanta School Board has been sued by an individual who believes they have been misused by a school district.

In June, a mother of three filed a class-action lawsuit against the Atlanta City Schools, claiming that the city misused her money and spent it on expensive things like a “futuristic” school bus, private tutoring, and even a $3,000 elevator.

The mother was seeking to recover about $2 million.

In that case, the district said the mother’s request to get out of paying rent on the school’s private rental car violated its contract with the tenant.

Atlanta Public Schools is currently facing more questions about its school funding than ever before, as its district budget is under review for $2.8 billion.

Schools have already been in crisis mode as they have faced a severe shortfall in state and federal funding.

Last week, the Georgia legislature passed a $4 billion budget bill, which included $4.2 billion for the Atlanta Public School system.

Atlanta’s school district is the fifth largest school district in Georgia and serves more than 15,000 students.

In the past year, the city has received $10 million in additional funding to meet its school day.

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