How much does your company have to pay in court?

Lawyers often spend a lot of time in court, so when they file lawsuits, they usually have to spend time with the judge and lawyers to explain what they have to prove.

That can be a real challenge when it comes to determining the maximum amount of money that the lawyers can pay to litigate.

In a new study, the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSA) has been studying the legal expenses of corporate litigants, and has found that many of these expenses are much higher than what most people think they’re paying.

The LSA has released a report, “Legal Expenses in the Corporate Litter and Litter Disposal Litigation”, that outlines how the costs of litigation can be much higher for corporate litigators than they might think.

It all starts with the cost of the litigation process.

The average cost of a legal case is $1,300.

That’s almost twice the amount of a typical divorce settlement.

So when a litigant is suing a large company, they’re not just trying to recover money from a corporation, but they’re also seeking to recover the money that went into the legal costs of their lawsuit.

That could be $30,000 to $100,000 in court costs.

The cost of litigation is also a big part of the cost to litigators.

In some cases, the amount paid in court may be the most expensive part of their legal bill.

That is because if the court determines that the amount is excessive, it could mean the plaintiff loses.

The Law Society study notes that in most cases, it takes two to three years to collect the money paid in legal fees.

In some cases it takes as long as five years.

That means that a litigator might have to wait years for their money back.

There are also some cases where the amount that they’re demanding for a settlement can be less than what they are actually entitled to.

In these cases, lawyers could be able to negotiate a lower settlement amount.

The Law Society also found that in many cases, litigator’s lawyers were not paid on time.

In many cases the lawyers who represent corporations can charge a fee that exceeds what they should be entitled to receive in a settlement.

For example, if the corporate is suing an individual for more than $1 million, the lawyer could claim that the client should be reimbursed for $500,000 of legal fees and the client would be paid an additional $1.5 million.

In general, if a corporation is being sued by an individual, they should receive at least $1 for each claim that they are suing.

If they are being sued for more, they would need to make a claim of $1 per claim.

The lawyer’s fees would need be lower than they should have been because the client could have argued that their claims should have cost more than the amount being sued.

In most cases the lawyer will be compensated for the actual amount of legal work.

In the case of the corporation, the costs could be more than they were supposed to be.

In the study, it also found out that in some cases a litigating company was paid more than it was supposed to.

For instance, in some instances, the company was able to receive more than their actual legal costs.

For example, in one of the studies, a litigators lawyers had paid for a lot more than was actually owed.

They were paid $1 billion for the lawsuit against a large corporation.

The LSA’s study also found one more cost that litigating companies should be paying attention to.

If a litigation company was not paid in full, it can be very difficult for the litigatr to get a payment.

This is because the company could be asking for an increase in compensation to compensate for what the company did not actually receive.

For an individual litigater, that could mean a reduction in the amount they would be entitled.LSA’s report found that the average amount that a corporate litigator is paid for each legal case was $1 in a year, or $4,600.

This is almost twice what the average lawyer is paid.

If the company were to request an increase to the amount received, the lawyers salary would be cut.

It’s also worth noting that if the company is asking for a payment increase, the litigator will not receive it.

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