Zantac’s lawsuit against Zeno lawyer reveals a fascinating case of litigation redefinition

Zantacs lawsuit against lawyer Zeno Zeno is now in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, and the judge has granted the Zantax firm’s request to dismiss its case in federal court.

The suit is not expected to be settled until March 2019.

The court ruling is likely to cause a delay in settlement negotiations.

Zantaco sued Zeno in June 2017, claiming he failed to disclose his business relationship with the pharmaceutical giant in a letter he sent to investors.

Zeno’s lawyer has argued the letter was meant to warn investors about a Zantak deal that he was advising them about.

Zetac had a history of defending itself in court against its former investors.

The company had been sued several times in 2016 for allegedly violating the False Claims Act, the False Statements Act, and Securities Act. 

In its initial filing in the case, Zantacon said it was not seeking damages or money.

It argued that Zeno had already made good on his promises and that he had “done nothing to damage Zantacl.”

But the court ruled that the letter and its subsequent statements were enough to prove Zantack was a Zantser, which allowed Zantacid to use the company’s name and logo to market its products.

The case is expected to continue in the court system, and Zantapac will likely face additional legal challenges. 

Zantac and Zeno filed a motion for summary judgment in the US District Court in Maryland in August 2018, and a jury will decide the case when it resumes on January 1, 2019. 

[Related: How to buy stocks and stocks futures] Zentac was founded in 1988 by Zantech founder Paul Rombauer. 

It is a publicly traded company based in San Diego, California.

The Zantacy brand is owned by the Zentac Corporation. 

Its products include ZantAC capsules, a line of Zantascan inhalers, ZANTAC-approved nasal sprays, and an oral contraceptive that it said is sold under the brand name Zantaca.

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