What to know about the new lawsuit against the NHL and NHLPA

With more than 1,100 players suing the NHL over its handling of the lockout, it’s safe to say the lockout has taken a toll on the NHLPA.

But as the legal drama continues, here are five things to know:Who is the lawsuit against?

The NHLPA is seeking $250 million from the league in the class-action lawsuit.

That would be a significant sum of money for a non-player, and it would be the biggest in the history of the league.

It would be far from the first time the NHL has lost a lawsuit it’s sued, and the lawsuit is a direct response to the league’s lockout and the lockout-related controversy surrounding the Players’ Association.

How big is the class?

There are roughly 500 players suing.

They include former NHLers such as Brad Marchand and Patrick Kane, as well as current players such as Patrick Marleau, Patrick Sharp, Chris Kunitz, Joe Pavelski, Nikita Kucherov, and Alexander Ovechkin.

They’re also suing the league, the Players Association, and all the players’ unions, which collectively own about 70 percent of the NHL’s shares.

Who are the defendants?

The lawsuit names the NHL Players Association and the Players Players Association Management Committee, and also names the league and the union.

The suit also names former NHL player-owner Joe Sakic, as a defendant.

The union’s attorney is John Wurzer, the same lawyer who represented the NHL in its antitrust case against the New York Rangers and other professional sports leagues.

Why are the players suing?

The players say the NHL violated the CBA by allowing the lockout to happen, and that it’s unfair that the lockout was imposed to get a new collective bargaining agreement that would help keep the NHL competitive.

They also say the league has failed to address concerns about player safety.

The lockout was triggered by the NHL-backed CBA between the players and the players union.

Players who opted out of the agreement signed a six-year contract extension in November 2013.

Under the deal, the players were allowed to play the rest of the season in the lockout’s final weeks.

But the union refused to renew the contract in time for the lockout.

The league then sued the union and won, alleging that the players had breached the CPA’s obligations.

The players say they won that case.

What are the penalties?

Under the CAA, players are banned from participating in organized sports activities for six months.

That period ends after they complete the lockout; they have to pay back any money they owe.

Players who didn’t sign the agreement are also banned from the sport, and are barred from signing any future contracts with an organization that is not a member of the players association.

But they’re not required to do anything for a year after the lockout ends.

What is the penalty for non-compliance?

If players don’t pay up, the league can suspend the players for six weeks, which is more than twice the lockout period.

The suspension can last up to a year.

If the suspension is not paid, the player can ask the court for an injunction to compel payment.

Is there any proof that players were paid?

The only information we have is from media reports.

However, a league source told ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun that the league was aware that some players had paid up to $30,000 to be part of the strike.

Were there any other players who were not paid?


Players were also told they would be fined if they weren’t paid by June 15, and could be banned from all games for up to 10 days if they didn’t make their payments.

Does that mean players were being paid up until the day of the game?


The lockout was only for six days, and some players received payment, and others were not.

Is that because the players didn’t want to pay up until June 15?

Yes, they did.

But there were other players out there who were willing to pay.

How many players were fined?

The league has never been able to say.

It’s possible there were as many as 30,000 players fined in the four months leading up to the lockout and those fines were later reduced to just $1.25 million.

Is the penalty on the players more severe?

The punishment is on the league more severe, but the amount of that is unclear.

The NHLPA has previously said that the penalty is only on the owners.

Was there a settlement?

The lockout-imposed penalties are set to expire in November, and if players don “participate in any form of organized sports activity during the lockout,” they will forfeit their right to participate in future games.

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