We’re suing over a lawsuit that says we can’t do business with companies that sue us

Business Insider/Polygon  (Business Insider/ Polygon)A lawsuit that alleges that we can legally sue you in the United States over our content has been filed in California federal court.

The suit alleges that, as a result of a California court decision last year, we have “further infringed” on the First Amendment by asserting our rights to freedom of speech and association through our content, and that it is “illegal and unconstitutional” to prevent or interfere with this right.

The lawsuit was filed by the Free Speech Coalition, which has been pushing for a federal ban on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and others that we claim are “corporatists.”

The lawsuit seeks a $15 million damages award for violating our First Amendment rights and an injunction barring the companies from using our content for their own purposes.

We will respond to the lawsuit in court. 

We will defend ourselves vigorously against this lawsuit, and we will vigorously defend the First, Second, and Third Amendments of the United Stated Constitution.

We will not be intimidated or bullied into silence, and the First amendment protects our right to free speech.

We are also seeking injunctive relief, in addition to the $15m damages award, for a restraining order and for injunto relief to prevent any future infringement of our First and Second Amendment rights. 

In our complaint, the Free Social Networker claims that the defendants are trying to use a federal court decision to try to block our First amendment rights, and it also claims that Facebook, Google and YouTube are trying “to prevent the Free Society from being able to reach and share information about its actions.”

The suit claims that, since our lawsuit was initiated in 2015, more than 100 corporations have sued us, and several lawsuits against us have been settled.

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that our First Ammendment rights have been violated in many instances, including: The plaintiffs allege that they are suing Facebook, YouTube and other companies for defamation, invasion of privacy, and unfair competition; The complaint alleges that Facebook and other Facebook subsidiaries have engaged in unfair and deceptive advertising, falsely representing their social network as a platform that allows them to engage in free speech, free association, and other rights; A Facebook subsidiary has accused us of violating Facebook’s policy on advertising and has refused to accept donations from users on the platform; In addition, the plaintiffs allege Facebook has violated the First and Fifth Amendment rights of other users on Facebook through its policy prohibiting direct and malicious harassment of our members; We are asking for a jury trial to determine whether the First Ammitations of the First Amendment rights are violated in this case, and whether Facebook, the Facebook subsidiary and other defendants are violating the First Amendments rights of the other users of Facebook on Facebook. 

The Free Speech coalition is seeking to prevent Facebook, Youtube, Google or any other social network from using their platforms to block or restrict the free speech rights of our users, and to prevent them from blocking or restricting our content. 

For more on the case, please read this previous post on the Free Societe’s lawsuit.

We have also filed a related lawsuit against Facebook, including a motion for an injunction that seeks a permanent injunction barring any further use of our content on Facebook or other social media platforms. 

Here’s more information about the suit and its status.

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