How Georgia’s insurance lawsuit against Google could end up costing Google $2.5B

Georgias insurance company, which owns the Google search giant, is asking the court to settle its lawsuit against the company, arguing that Google has violated its privacy by collecting and sharing data about the health insurance claims of millions of customers.

Georgias filing to settle the lawsuit is set for a hearing on May 17 in US District Court in Los Angeles, and the case is being handled by the National Insurance Institute, which is led by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Georgis has been trying to convince the US District Judge James Robart to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing it was frivolous.

Google has been accused of violating privacy in several cases in recent years, but its lawyers have been unable to show that Google is in violation of the privacy rights of any particular customer.

Geordas lawyers are asking the judge to order Google to give it access to data held by Georges’ customers, as well as to give Georgas customers a chance to opt out of data collection by Google.

The court also said that the Georgese are entitled to damages for a wide range of losses suffered by Geordas’ customers.

It also said it will consider any and all available options for compensation to the Geordans, including damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and punitive damages for false advertising.

The company’s lawsuit also claims that Google violates the privacy of consumers by using data from its Google Maps platform to provide location services, as opposed to its own geospatial information.

Geofeedia sued Google in March 2015, alleging that the search giant had shared geospatiotypes from its users with third parties.

In its lawsuit, Geofeedias claims that Georgianes customers had been misled by the information to believe that Geofedia’s products were not tied to Google, which were in fact tied to Geofedaia’s own services.

Geoffrey Crain, a partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Washington, D.C., who represents Georgieres clients, told TechCrunch that Georgeas is trying to reach a settlement that “allows them to continue to get access to all the information they need to comply with the law.”

Georgia is seeking up to $2 billion in damages and is asking for injunctive relief to prevent Google from using data it collects on Georgians.

The US Attorney’s office for the Northern District of California said in a statement that the case will be heard in April.

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