Fiduciaries, Bankruptcy, and Litigation Lawyers: Who’s in and Who’s out?

By the numbers:1.3 million litigants filed more than 200,000 lawsuits over the past five years2.8 million people are now on disability-benefit plans as a result of a financial crisis3.6 million Americans now receive disability payments as a direct result of the financial crisis4.6 billion Americans now have health insurance6.1 billion Americans have lost their jobs due to the financial meltdown7.4 million Americans are on unemployment insurance7.2 million Americans have suffered significant personal losses as a consequence of the economic crisis8.1 million Americans lost their homes due to a financial collapse9.2 billion Americans are living in poverty, or $8,400 per person10.3 billion Americans receive public assistance11.5 billion Americans suffer from a disability12.4 billion Americans live in poverty and/or $836 per person13.6 trillion Americans live below the poverty line14.3 trillion Americans receive health insurance15.2 trillion Americans are insured16.1 trillion Americans have access to medical assistance17.2% of the population in poverty are on public assistance, which means that almost half of Americans live on less than $25,000 per year18.5% of Americans have private health insurance, which is the highest rate in the developed world19.3% of those on disability insurance receive disability benefits20.4% of people on disability receive benefits from Medicaid21.2%.2%of those on Medicaid receive Medicaid and SCHIP22.5%.4%of Americans receiving Medicaid receive Supplemental Security Income23.2.3%.4.3 of those receiving Medicaid and Supplemental Security Insurance receive a government program known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)24.1%.5.1% of Medicaid recipients receive public health insurance25.1.2%,5.6% of public health insurers offer insurance through Medicaid26.4.7%.7.5 of people receiving TANF receive assistance in paying for their own medical care27.6.7% of taxpayers with private health coverage pay no income tax, the lowest share of any income bracket.

Source: Pew Research Center, Poverty by Income and Education, 2010

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