How did CEqa sue Ambush Liability Litigation?

Posted by Crypto Coins on April 16, 2019 06:10:37A case is pending in California, where CEqa is suing Ambush Insurance Company for negligence, breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentation.

The case, filed on April 15, 2019, claims the insurer has failed to perform its duties.

According to a press release issued by CEqa, the lawsuit was brought against Ambush in connection with the following incidents:• The company allegedly refused to pay for insurance coverage when Ambush needed to make a claim in the event of a car accident.• The insurer allegedly failed to notify CEqa of potential catastrophic injuries that occurred as a result of Ambush’s negligence.• CEqa allegedly failed for months to adequately compensate Ambush when Ambus’ claims were denied due to insufficient coverage.• Ambush allegedly failed in a subsequent claim to obtain a cancellation of Ambus insurance policy when CEqa’s claims were rejected due to lack of coverage.

According the CEqa press release, Ambush is “fully aware of and has been actively engaged in a civil litigation process with CEqa in connection to CEqa ‘s claims for breach of warranty and misrepresentations of its claims.”CEqa has asked a federal court in Los Angeles for a preliminary injunction to prevent Ambush from filing any further lawsuits.

According to the release, CEqa expects the court to rule on its request within 30 days.

The CEqa lawsuit also names other companies that have filed similar lawsuits against Ambushes policies.

Ambush is currently involved in a dispute with the Federal Highway Administration over the safety of its vehicles.

According a press conference held on April 11, 2019 by the US Department of Transportation (FHWA), Ambush vehicles were recalled for faulty ignition switches in the early stages of the Ambush program.

The company claims that Ambush has not adequately repaired these switches.

According CEqa and the FHWA, Ambash has been unable to resolve its issues with its switches due to the failure of the company to properly train and supervise its employees on the program.

According FHW, Ambushing has hired a team of technicians from an outside company to work on the problem.

Accordingly, CEqa alleges that the company has not been able to repair its own switches and that Ambash was not trained to replace them on its vehicles until January 2018.

Accordingto CEqa the lawsuit is “based on false and defamatory statements and false and misleading representations by CEqas’ attorneys, as well as misrepresentations and omissions made by CEqs attorneys and the company’s own communications to the public.”

In the complaint CEqa also accuses Ambush of:• Using a false claim to defraud CEqa for a fee• Defrauding CEqa by misleading the public about its own defects• Using false and deceptive language and conduct to induce consumers to purchase the Ambus product• Failure to compensate CEqa or to provide it with adequate compensation for damages• Failure by Ambush to provide reasonable notice to CEqs employees about the product’s defects or any of its other defects.

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